Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2 weeks deep "I just had a baby"

It is amazing how confident you feel the older you get 2 weeks into my 30's and I feel better than the characters on "Sex in The City."  I am also amazed by the things I am accomplishing on my list.   I had no idea how they would make me feel.  I feel productive and alive.  Recently I had complained to my husband about excuses and didn't want to continue to use the excuse "I just had a baby,"   I don't want that to hold me back from volunteering, getting in shape and enjoying friends.  I want the fact that "I just had a baby" to enrich all of those things.  So in the spirit of my excuse I will update what I have been doing on my list of 30.....

1. Volunteer - "I just had a baby" now I am volunteering to help low income teenagers learn about nutrition and healthy cooking. I want my son to be proud of his mother and learn about service to those less fortunate.

I attended the volunteer orientation this week for "Cooking Matters."  They are amazing and I am even more amazed that just 2 wonderful ladies organize it all with the help of volunteers.  I learned about food insecurity and how hunger looks different in America than it does globally.  Our low income communities are suffering from obesity from eating food that lacks the nutrition they need to live a healthful life.  Using government programs like SNAP (food stamps) presents challenges for the recipients when shopping for food to prepare meals.  Cooking Matters and Share our Strength provides these communities with the tools they need to cook, budget and understand nutrition.  I am excited to share my strength with the knowledge I have learned in culinary school and at the restaurant and corporation I have cooked for and become a chef instructor.

2. Learn how to play the Mandolin- " I Just had a baby" and would love to share music I love with him.  I also value my own time and interests.

My first lesson is Thursday and I am very excited a little nervous too. I hope I can get over the adult learning curve.  I wish I would have stuck with the violin, guitar or even the recorder that I played when I was younger ;)

20. Get back to my pre-baby no pre-relationship weight :)  - " I Just had a baby" and I am tired but motivated to eat healthy and exercise.  I want to be able to take care of myself, husband and son also wearing a bikini again wouldn't be too shabby either.

I added weight training this last week and I am down 2 more pounds and I feel great!  15 lbs to go :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Week 1 of my 30 in my year 30

I began this week with an energized sense of motivation.  It is my year let's do it!  It was a week of preparation for my list of 30.  Everything from here on out will flow into solid blog posts and a photo journey of my checklist. 

My journey and check list:

1. Volunteer:

I have signed up for a volunteer orientation for "Cooking Matters" to become a Chef instructor.  I am hoping to get the Childcare Class and teach those that care for children in low income areas to cook healthy and affordable food.  This is an amazing group that contributes to the community and I am looking forward to teaching and learning from the community that they serve.

2.  Learn to play the mandolin

My amazing friends Curry and Allison gave me a gift certificate for 3 half hour classes at The South Bay School of Music.  I am thrilled!  I have called the school and I am setting up lessons. 

7.  See a legendary band live

We have tickets to Foreigner and Journey at The Hollywood Bowl for this Fall.  All I can say is "Don't Stop Beleiving" :) :)

10. Run a 1/2 Marathon

I have chosen a 1/2 Marathon!!  The Los Angeles Rock and Roll Half on October 30!  Let the training days begin!

15. Make a new friend

With all the activities I have signed up for this year I believe I will meet a wonderful friend that I have a lot in common with .

18. Take a Mommy and Me class with Roman

Gymboree Learn and Play offered a free class for babies 0-6 months.  Roman and I attended the class on Friday.  He did not know what to think being surrounded by babies and bright colors.  We sang songs and had tummy time.  It is a great developmental class and it was great to meet other Moms with new bambinos.  I went ahead and signed us up for a month.  It will be great exposure for Roman and a good excuse to get out of the house.  More pictures and stories to come. 

20. Get back to my pre-relationship weight

I have just began Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred to jumpstart this fitness goal.  Day 1 down and I am super stiff today.  I took some before pics as well as measurements to keep motivated.  Pictures will be posted at the end when the goal is met or exceeded ;)

25. Become an Advocate

My passion for good and healthful food added to my new role as a mother lead me to this cause of ending childhood hunger.  Everyone I know will be hearing about this from me.  I am going to take steps to help this group.

No Kid Hungry is an unprecedented, five-year effort designed to end childhood hunger in America by connecting children with the nutritious food they need to grow and thrive every day. Taking the pledge is the first step.


Practicing....enough said ;)

30.  Blog 30 for 30

As you can see from this post I am keeping up with this blog.

There you have it I have 10 of my goals/adventures/experiences started, 20 more to start and all 30 to finish and document.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What is 30 for 30?

I have reached a milestone birthday. This decade I begin my 30s and I am thrilled at what lies ahead. My life this far has been full and exciting. In The last 5 years I have been divorced, fell in love, moved to California, changed jobs, graduated culinary school, got engaged, married and wrapped it up with the birth of my son. Now that has been a full few years!

My Mom asked me what I planned on doing this year to top that off. I said I just wanted a year of down time. That being said down time can be boring so I have made a list.

The list contains 30 things/adventures to experience and accomplish in my year of 30. Some items are for self improvement, some are for self indulgence and all are for the greatest experience of life. I plan on documenting, photographing and sharing these experiences here.

The list...
1. Volunteer
2. Learn to play the mandolin
3. Visit a state I have never been to
4. Write a cookbook
5. Enter a contest
6. Read a best seller
7. See a legendary band live
8. Buy a pair of cowboy boots
9. Sing karaoke
10. Run a 1/2 marathon
11. Attend a festival
12. Can food
13. Learn to make wine
14. Host a fancy dinner party
15. Make a new friend
16. Paint a canvas
17. Participate in a church activity
18. Take a mommy and me class
19. Try a new cuisine
20. Get back to my pre-baby no pre-relationship weight :)
21. Write a meaningful letter to everyone I love
22. Visit a national park
23. Ride a mechanical bull
24. Get boudoir photos taken
25. Choose a charity to become an advocate for
26. Write a short story or poem and read it in public
27. Make a donation
28. Watch a foreign film
29. Make Roman a sibling (late on the list)
30. Blog 30 for 30